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 Art Inkubator is a new cultural institution run by Sopot local government. Its goal is to conduct activities aimed at creating and disseminating culture, promoting cultural education and supporting creative communities. Art Inkubator is involved in building a network of domestic and foreign stakeholders, organising art residencies and creative work programs. Art Inkubator will also be involved in documenting cultural life and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of Sopot.

O nasO nas

Art Inkubator is a place for young creators to work, meet, and learn. We aim to invite artists, people from all around the world, tutors, renowned figures in art, thinkers, and activists.

We are going to make sure Art Inkubator is a unique, one of a kind cultural institution in Poland. Its character is shaped by both the history of the place and the community in which it operates and grows. There is no better place than Sopot for supporting creative initiatives, integrating artists with the local community, and exporting new ideas.

O nasO nas

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

All of us at ART INKUBATOR subscribe to the philosophy behind the words of Winston Churchill. Our aim is to build a place supporting artistic expression, and new ideas and forms of communication. We are striving to build a functional residency program and establish partnerships with other similar institutions in Poland and Europe. We are determined to build an inclusive cooperation platform based on sharing experiences, exploring differences, and accepting diversity.

Quisque pro omnibus*

* Each one for every one (Nowhere in Africa by Stefanie Zweig)

Joanna Cichocka-Gula, Art Inkubator director


Art Inkubator have its headquarters in the old Jüncke villa at Goyki 3 in Sopot, Poland. The historic mansion from 1894 with a three-storey turret house artistic and photographic studios, as well as offices and multipurpose spaces. The rooms are available for artists working on their projects.

On the ground floor there are two exhibition spaces and a reading room with collection of books and catalogues about art and culture. The basement will have screen printing workshop and dark room as well as small visitor centre. In the old bunker, there is a museum dedicated to the place and the families who had lived there, presented in the context of history of Sopot, Poland and Europe.

The building is surrounded by an old park with allées and natural monuments, which have been restored and cultivated with meticulous care. Its most unique elements are historical linden bindage and priceless types of trees. On the spot of former orangery there is space for outdoor events.

On the October 18th 2021 director of Art Inkubator signed the lease for the building and the surrounding park.

Before this happened, from the first days of the institution (October 2019), the team focused on the organization of artistic events, preparation for the next Sopot by the book festival, cooperation with contractors for the renovation of the building on Goyki 3.

The temporary office on Sobieskiego street hosted meetings with the public, among others: Dorota Kolak, Magdalena Boć, Magdalena Gorzelańczyk.

During the isolation related to the pandemic, the institution took special care to support artists, carrying out projects documenting this difficult time. The result is the publication „Pomiędzy”, which can be purchased in our store.

Rzut kondygnacji

Residency program

The program is dedicated to creators of visual art, writers, performance artists, musicians, and individuals involved in the popularisation of science in Poland and abroad.

In AiR Goyki 3, we are interested in creative process and dialogue with artists. We are driven by the critical reflection of the modern world and society. We do not specify what end results should be; we do not impose topics. We support well-thought-out activities and research-focused projects referring to the place of their implementation, i.e. the city of Sopot, and the space of Art Inkubator, as well as those focused on building relationships between people and their surroundings. By inviting residents from various fields, we hope to promote networking and cooperation which will result in multidisciplinary projects.

In 2021 we hosted four AiR Goyki 3 residents:

Zyta Rudzka, Ada Rączka, Zero Pilnik, Simone Karl


For the projects implemented through the residencies, Art Inkubator offers:

  • access to an atelier in the building used by Art Inkubator,
  • curatorial support during residencies,
  • opportunities for networking with the local art scene, arranging meetings and visits to institutions relevant to residents’ profiles,
  • accommodation for two people in Sopot during the April – June residency period,
  • covering project implementation costs up to the amount of PLN 8,000 gross per resident in case of the September – November residencies.

The residency duration is 2 months. Throughout the time, the residents are required to stay and undertake artistic activities in Sopot.

The applicants who are granted the residency will be obliged to schedule at least one open meeting either presenting their artistic creations or using works resulting from their creative efforts.

Art Inkubator does not cover travel expenses.

There is no residency fee.


For more information on the residencies, contact us at:

Goyki 3 Art Inkubator

Jakuba Goyki 3

81-706 Sopot


Presentation – GOYKI 3 ART INKUBATOR




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